What We Do

At Paws for Hope, we’re committed to more sustainable companion animal protection in B.C. but what do we really mean by this? Well, it comes down to what we call our “four pillars of sustainability” which outline where we focus our efforts.



optimizationMost important to us is helping to strengthen and empower the existing animal welfare and support system in place within B.C. These important initiatives and dedicated groups are understandably stuck in emergency response mode unable to think about tomorrow, let alone the long term. That’s where we come in. We’re in a position to help pre-qualified, community-based animal rescue and support organizations with their different areas of need – from raising funds and supplies to helping drive additional exposure and support for their efforts. Our flagship program, Guardian Angel, is one such way we directly assist these B.C. organizations providing assistance with rescue groups’ never-ending vet care bills and providing capacity building grants.


COLLABORATION Our Better Together program provides support to homeless, street-involved, and low-income pet guardians by offering donated pet food and supplies, free animal health clinics, veterinary care funding, and training and behaviour support. Healthy communities include healthy animals and loved pets are “better at home” in more ways than one.



COMMITMENTOur Pets Are Not Products campaign is an advocacy and awareness initiative. Our goal is to end the retail sale of animals — which in turn will end the existence of breeding mills. Many people are unaware that when you buy an animal from a pet store or online, you are directly supporting breeding mills. Breeding mills are notoriously cruel and inhumane. They are not regulated. There is no standard of healthcare. And there are inadequate laws to protect the animals that are being forced to produce en masse. Paws for Hope has created a toolkit in support of your efforts to end the retail sale of pets in your community.


PARTICIPATIONSpayAid BC partners with veterinary hospitals to eliminate pet over-population in British Columbia by providing a spay/neuter assistance program for low income earners. Spay/neuter services are a vital part of the non-lethal solution to the stray, homeless and abandoned pet crisis.


This is how we work towards building sustainable animal welfare in B.C.