Our Team

Paws for Hope is a small team passionate about animals and their ongoing care and protection. We’re even more passionate about finding a way to make animal welfare more sustainable in B.C. so we’re not stuck heads-down in emergency response mode unable to plan and build for the long term, especially important in a region that receives no government funding and sometimes limited corporate support for these animals.

Kathy Powelson, Executive Director | kathy@pawsforhope.org | 604-396-9297

Cassie Preston, No Pet Left Behind, Coordinator | cassie@pawsforhope.org | 604-506-9297

Dawna Faulds, SpayAid Coordinator | spayaid@pawsforhope.org | 778-991-SPAY (7729)

Marshall Watson, Communications Coordinator | marshall@pawsforhope.org

Board of Directors

Wendy Riley, President | wendy@pawsforhope.org

Wendy has long been an animal lover, ask anyone who knew her as a child and they can attest to Wendy arranging for them to take in one of the many stray, and or injured animals that she continually was bringing in off the streets of Montreal, Quebec in the 1970’s. Fast forward to many years later and Wendy is still bringing animals home, this time to live out their life, on her and her husband’s 22 acre patch of heaven know as the R&R Ranch, where senior and special needs animals of all kinds find their happy ending. Wendy has served as a board of director, volunteer, and community development  coordinator for various rescues and shelters in the province of B.C. since 2010. Wendy stays busy as an entrepreneur, volunteer, and caregiver for the over 20 animals at the R&R Ranch, and hopes to make a positive impact on the many lives of animals that cross her path.

Wendy is honoured and excited to be part of the “Paws for Hope ” organization, and believes working together, we can make a difference to animal’s lives in British Columbia, and across Canada.

Breanna Laubach, Vice President | breanna@pawsforhope.org

Breanna was born and raised in North Vancouver, BC and has always shared her life with pets. Her life-long love of animals inspired her to become involved with Paws For Hope. With a background in communication, her goals are to bring her resourcefulness and creativity to benefit the growth and longevity of the Foundation. Although Breanna’s main focus is for the welfare of companion animals within British Columbia, her love and support reaches a number of wildlife organizations from Oregon to Australia, where facilities focus on the research and preservation of unique and endangered animals such as koalas and sloths.

Renata Hale, Treasurer | renata@pawsforhope.org

Renata Hale, CPA, CGA, is the Manager of IT & Strategy with the Municipal Finance Authority of BC in Victoria, BC.  Her specialty is in big-picture thinking, seeing connections, and challenging assumptions.

She has done amateur animal rescue and fundraising for animals throughout her life, and has volunteered as a board member and in a fundraising capacity with several rescue organizations over the past 15 years.  During a stint of living in Saskatoon, she personally rescued 43 cats from a feral colony on her property (and beyond), ensuring they were inoculated, spayed or neutered, and adopted to great indoor and/or barn homes.

Renata is thrilled to join this remarkable organization, that recognizes animal problems are people problems and works to create a synergistic approach to both.  Paws For Hope provides the opportunity to collaborate and problem-solve with greater scope than any one of us could accomplish individually, and supports the world of animal rescue through the Animal Welfare Advisory Network.  This cause requires a sharing of purpose and cooperation on this scale to truly make a difference for all animals.

Renata and her husband are guardians of two Great Danes, Kindle and Echo, and seven formerly feral cats, Wicked, Mojo, Voodoo, Jack, Spike, Lark, and Mr. Boo.

Shawn Llewellyn, Director | shawn@pawsforhope.org

Dr. Shawn Llewellyn is a practicing veterinarian and managing partner at Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital in Surrey, BC. He graduated with honours in Animal Sciences from Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Agriculture and received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island.

Shawn has been a Board member with Paws for Hope since its founding year, serving as Board President for five of those years. He has been integral in the development and implementation of our veterinary related programs and services, and is our primary veterinarian and Clinic Director.

Shawn is a past member of the Animal Welfare Committee’s for both the Society of British Columbia Veterinarians (SBCV) and the College of Veterinarians of B.C. (CVBC). He is a current member of the CVBC’s Investigation Committee.

Shawn has received the Governor General’s Academic Award, the Christopher Award in Animal Welfare, and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association’s Humane Award for his involvement and work on animal welfare matters over the past 15 years.

Shawn lives in North Vancouver with his partner and cats, Kyla and Casey.

Tanya Valois, Director | tanya@pawsforhope.org

Tanya is the Associate Director of Westcoast Family Centres Society, a non-profit community social service organization. Currently, she provides oversight to a variety of programs providing service to children and families across several Lower Mainland communities. Tanya holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Child and Youth Care. She has worked in the community social service sector for over twenty years, providing family preservation and reunification services before stepping into leadership in 2008.

Much of Tanya’s professional development has focused on leadership development, allowing her to enhance her own leadership abilities, while also supporting staff and organizational development.

Over the past couple of years, Tanya’s desire to contribute to animal welfare has grown, and she was thrilled to join the Board of Directors, seeing this as an opportunity to share her skills and knowledge from working in the non-profit sector with Paws for Hope as it grows to serve the diverse needs of communities and their pets.