Helping People & Their Pets

Our Impact

Since we established in June 2011 we have successfully:

  1. Establish a much-needed program, Guardian Angel, that provides thousands of dollars in emergency and organizational development funding to pre-qualified, animal charities in B.C. each year
  2. Establish a reputable program, Better Together (formerly Roxy’s Relief), that partners with social service agencies in Vancouver, New Westminster and North Vancouver to provide support to homeless, low-income, and elderly pet guardians through tens of thousands of pounds of pet food, bedding and jacket donations
  3. Hold three free animal health clinics for homeless and low-income pet guardians three times a year in Vancouver
  4. Provide funding support to homeless and low income earning pet guardians for critical veterinary care of their pets
  5. Establish a provincial SpayAidBC program to combat pet overpopulation.
  6. Providing TNR (trap, neuter, return) funding through our Crazy About Cats program to animal charities across the province working to eliminate the cat feral and free-roaming overpopulation crisis.
  7. Establish a quarterly education series hosting keynote addresses from leaders and experts in the animal welfare and screening award-winning documentaries
  8. Launch an ongoing, provide-wide educational campaign, Pets Are Not Products, to inform the public about animal welfare issues related to the retail sale of cats, dogs, and rabbits within B.C.
  9. Launch an ongoing, province-wide education campaign, Cruelty Free BC, to inform the public on the inhumane and unnecessary practice of animal testing for cosmetics and household products.
  10. Build important partnerships in the animal welfare and business community and have opened a dialogue on how we can work together to increase our impact
  11. Continue to significantly increase our annual revenue each year.

Here are two special stories that illustrate what we do for the companion animals, pet guardians and pet protectors of BC:

Helping the Animal Welfare Community

Helping-the-Animal-Welfare-CommunityIn February 2014, we held our most successful seminar to date providing those involved in animal welfare, rescue, and rehabilitation within B.C. – from vets and vet techs to rescue volunteers – with a special presentation on “Compassion Fatigue” given by Registered Clinical Counselor, Laurel Horn. Over 40 people attended this first-of-its-kind event learning everything from signs and symptoms indicating burnout to ways to recharge and find balance again in such important but challenging work.

Stepping up When Others Can’t

stepping-upMeet Mica, an adorable lab mix puppy purchased from a backyard breeder in Surrey off of Kijiji who almost died as she arrived at her new home due to a completely preventable disease, Parvovirus. Mica’s new family could not afford the vet bills to save her so under our Roxy’s Relief program (now Better at Home), we were able to fund her vet care saving her life… one puppy out of many that die or are euthanized every year because of careless and inhumane breeding. This reiterates the importance of our Pets Are Not Products educational campaign and the need to ban the retail sale of cats, dogs, and rabbits in stores, in newspapers and online.

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