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In November of last year, we published a post seeking foster and forever homes for senior, special needs and long term dogs at Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS). We are pleased to report that three months later, it is great news for the majority of the dogs profiled. Nikki and Beedle have found their forever homes, and Rose and Hunter are in long term foster homes.

Sadly, George, RAPS’s longest residence, remains. More than anything, we would like to see this old fella live out the remainder of his life in a loving home.

While there is certainly reason to celebrate, it is also important to remember that each day that goes by are days not being spent living the life every dog deserves, for those remaining in the shelter. And for some, the months will soon be turning into a year.

Although there are definitely some dogs that are harder to adopt due to behaviour and/or health issues, for the majority of dogs, it is hard to understand why some get immediately adopted and why others seem to languish in a shelter for months (and sometimes years).

Let us introduce you to some of these super amazing dogs.


Jolie has been at the shelter for a year now. She is a very sweet girl, who walks nicely on a leash. Because she has severe separation anxiety, it has been difficult to find a home that has the time to help her through this. Because her previous guardian worked with Bark Busters, Jolie’s new guardian will receive on going support from Bark Busters at no charge.

Jolie desperately needs a home to call her own. She is a very sweet, but a very sad girl.

Akita has been at RAPS for approximately six months. She is 8 years old and loves people. Because she has a high prey drive, she would need to be placed in a home with no cats or small dogs.


Lena is a very smart dog who loves to be around people. This five year old girl has been at the shelter for approximately 8 months and would love nothing more to go home with a family where she can be the only dog.











Rex is a bundle (a very strong bundle) of love. He loves to play and loves to cuddle and give kisses. He has been at the shelter for approximately six months and would love nothing more than to find someone to scratch his behind.

This story is not sensational, it will not move you to tears or enrage you and motivate you to effect change. Hopefully, however, it will touch you enough to consider giving one of these amazing dogs a home and/or sharing their story with your family and friends.

We are all they have. We are their only chance for living the life every single dogs deserves.


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