What inspires us?

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What inspires someone to start (or transform) their business into a certified cruelty free one? Our partners at Kama Natural Soap tell their story.

“I have been making soap and body care products for 17 years and still love what I do! I am very fortunate to work everyday, with beautiful natural raw materials from all around the world.

As an almost life long vegetarian (35 years) and almost vegan, due originally to ethical concerns about the way animals are treated in the meat and dairy industry, it was a natural progression into a natural, cruelty free business. My day to day heroes include people like Jane Goodall, Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd), David Suzuki and Farley Mowat.

I feel that animal testing is abhorrent, unethical and immoral. With the advances in science and technology such as human-patient simulators, which have the capacity for cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological and pharmacological modeling I feel it is totally unnecessary.
I would like to see more caring and compassion in the world for every form of life and believe that it is the measure of an advanced, progressive society.


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