Victoria Humane Society receives Veterinary Care Grant

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Supporting animal welfare issues in remote and northern communities should be a top priority for animal rescue organizations that have the capacity to help beyond their immediate community. The Victoria Humane Society is one organization who has made the welfare of pets in these communities a priority, and they work closely with many remote and northern communities across the Province.

Building relationships and the trust required to work together takes time, and much of the work is done without great fanfare and publicity. These are often communities struggling with various social issues, and there are concerns that highlighting the animal welfare issues to a specific community will result in black lash and form a negative image on that community. So organizations, like VHS, quietly go about their work to support communities to both increase their capacity to improve the lives of animals in their community and to provide immediate rescue assistance to pets in need.

Pets like Downey.

downey 5

Downey is from a remote community, and was left to fend for himself. Concerned community members contacted VHS as they saw him becoming more and more emaciated and had what looked like an embedded collar in his neck.

After a few hours of surgery, the vet removed an old belt from around his neck. This had caused severe abscesses, not just in his neck, but the infection had also spread to his ears and mouth.

The total cost for Downey’s medical bills is $3,500, so VHS applied for a Guardian Angel Veterinary Assistance Grant and we are pleased to provide a $1,000 to alleviate a portion of the financial burden.

Downey is now in a foster home where he will stay until he has fully recovered and ready for his new family.

Downey 2

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