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Tupal In 2002 Creston PAWS rescued 56 chained and starving dogs in the mountains of Topaz Creek with 12 being sent to the mainland for rehab and adoption.

Among the 12 was Tupal, a five year old female Shepherd mix who gained little attention as most adopters were looking for Northern mixes. But this “plain Jane” with the haunted eyes and the broken soul made a decision one day, a decision that would change the next 7 years of our lives for I was granted MY girl, an angel who will live in my broken heart forever.

After many weeks of laying in a field with the individuals of this special group of survivors, this girl saw me arrive one day and began to run the fence line, she paced back and forth and it appeared she was attempting to gain my attention. I watched her for a few moments and realized that there had been a break through, she was determined that I notice her and that I should take in all that she was showing me. Tubal

I brought this beauty out of the field to have her sit with me and to hold her in my arms because she had made a decision, a decision to love again. Those dark brown eyes looked up at me and she knew that I was captured, that she would from that day forward have the home she had hoped for, one where her value was never measured only embraced. No judgment on her coloring, her breed or her background, only acceptance of a heart that had been wounded and would begin a journey of healing.

Through our shared years this beautiful soulful girl would be by my side day and night. As I moved, she did, as I breathed, she did, as I cried, she did and as I loved, so did she. Sweet Tupal shared unconditionally with all those who came into her life, be it a sickly foster pup who required her warmth, a weak kitten who desired special mothering or a human friend who needed to touch her soft fur and lean into her strength that she so willingly gave.

Tupal enjoyed life in a different way than most happy go lucky companions do. Toys, stuffies and adventures meant little, yet time spent sleeping under my desk while I worked was heaven, moments of gentle walks down the path were joyful and kind loving words brought a spark to those eyes of brown that so long ago held an emptiness that cannot be described.

And then, my special Tupal who gave so much to others slowly began to fade and while her spirit remained strong and willful her physical body could not continue the journey she began so many years ago.

My dearest Tupal, run free and smile down upon us so that we can continue to feel your love and melt into those eyes of brown.

Forever yours,

Momma and all that love you

“When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.” Kahilil Girbran

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