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IMG_4154 This is Timmy, and he has been very sick for quite some time.

We received an email from his Dad who felt like we were his last option to find out what was wrong with Timmy. Timmy started throwing up in December and then developed a fever. Despite taking him to two different veterinary hospitals, which resulted in blood and urine tests which came up normal, different rounds of antibiotics, B12 drops and shots to lower his fever, his fever remains and his Dad his understandably very worried. On a fixed income with a long term disability, he has exhausted all of his funds trying to get a diagnosis and treatment for his best friend.

So we sent him to see Dr. Llewellyn at Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital where a pancrease enzyme test confirmed pancreatitis and an x-ray revealed a large looking spleen and inflamed, thickened intestines. They x-rays have been sent to a radiologist and until then we hope that whatever is causing the inflammation is something that can be treated.


Join us in sending positive and healing thoughts to Timmy as we wait for the results.

And please considering donating to help us help more animals in need. We cannot do it without you!

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