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The issue of where people get their pets from is a highly emotional and often polarizing debate. With such a range of perspectives, it can be very confusing for the average person looking to add a pet to their family.

The goal of our Pets Are Not Products Campaign is to provide education on the animal welfare issues associated with the retail sale of animals, through pet stores, online and in newspapers, and to provide information on humane alternatives. We do this by sharing stories of animals and people impacted by this inhumane business. In the past, we have shared stories of unsuspecting consumers who purchased a cute puppy in the window only to find out very soon after, the puppy would require extensive medical care. Stories like Shelby and Chanel.
We shared with you the story of Mica, a puppy purchased by a young couple in Surrey off Kijiji , who within 24 hours later was at the veterinary hospital with Parvovirus, and fighting for her life. Because of our generous donors, and the amazing care at Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital, Mica survived. But many don’t.

Rutina, purchased on Kijiji and surrendered

Rutina, purchased on Kijiji and surrendered

Rutina is another victim of Kijiji and bad breeding. She was recently surrendered to Dhana Metta Rescue Society by an elderly lady who purchased a “tea cup” Chihuahua. Check out this lovely video of Rutina when she was first brought into rescue. Rutina has a number of health and neurological issues, and she was rushed to emergency last night as she became lethargic and stopped eating.
There is a heavy financial burden for caring for animals that are victims of bad breeding . The cost for this emergency visit alone is over $800, and does include the specialist care she has been receiving to help her mobility.10308125_638002912948502_2987883713787860189_n

And what about the parents of these puppies sold on line and in pet stores? What happens to them? Many of them die when they are no longer able to breed or the breeder is no longer able to care for them, but some are “lucky” enough to end up with a rescue or shelter. Like the 50 dogs that ended up at the Richmond and New Westminster shelter last August.

And like these Chihuahuas also surrendered to Dhana Metta Rescue by a breeder who could no longer care for them.











Some are terrified…all of them need veterinary care.

The nails on this dog's paws are so long they have curled almost directly in her pad

The nails on this dogs paws are so long they have curled almost directly in her pad









When animals are bred for profit, their well being is not a priority. As a consequence, they all t0o often suffer, and were it not for organizations like Dhana Metta Rescue Society and BC Chihuahua Rescue, the chosen few, would not have an opportunity for a second chance.

You can make a difference

  • Share the message that Pets Are Not Products
  • When looking to add a pet to your family do your research. Great tips are provided here
  • Donate directly to Dhana Metta Rescue and/or BC Chihuahua Rescue to help them continue to take in those disposed and surrendered.
  • Share this post, and help us spread the message.


By donating to us, you can help us protect these animals by enhancing our message AND supporting those qualified rescue organizations who do this amazing work on the front lines.

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Here’s how to ensure a healthy pet and happy home


    : Take the time to know who and where your new family members comes from.


    : Check out breed-specific rescue groups to find the breed of your choice. Responsible breeders are also an option and can tell you all you need to know about the breed and the specific pet you’re getting


    : Never buy a pet from a pet store, online or through a newspaper.

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