The Facts About Breeding Mills

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The truth about breeding mills

Obviously, we’re animal lovers and animal rescuers. We have a big spot spot in our hearts for furballs. And it’s hard for us to be impartial when it comes to our furry friends. That said, impartiality is what helps us create strong advocacy campaigns like #PetsAreNotProducts. We need to know – and share – the facts, without adding our emotional heartstrings. (Easier said than done!)

This is what we KNOW for fact about breeding mills in Canada.

  1. By definition, breeding mills are a breeding operation in which animals are mass-produced. The business model is: the more animals produced with minimal cost = the more revenue / financial gain for the operator. It’s a business.
  2. The puppy mill industry is a multimillion dollar business in Canada.
  3. There ARE responsible breeders out there. Not all breeders are irresponsible.
  4. Typically, animals in mills are bred until they are too tired to breed or can no longer produce puppies. On average, that’s 4-6 years of breeding. Over and over.
  5. Breeding facilities often allow inbreeding.
  6. Quebec is Canada’s puppy mill capital. There is no limit on the number of animals or breeds that can be confined in a commercial breeding operation in Quebec. A breeder can keep hundreds of animals in small cages for their entire lives with little or no exercise and be legally permitted to operate.

Learn more about Breeding Mills from Humane Society International Canada.

Pets Are Not Products
Support our #PetsAreNotProducts initiative and take the pledge to NEVER purchase an animal from a breeding mill. If we don’t buy, they go out of business.

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