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Teala is a three year old lab mix from the Musqueam First Nation who already had three large litters of puppies in her young life. Her Dad wanted to get her spayed, but did not have the financial means to do so. We agreed to pay for the procedure and partnered with Yaletown Pet Hospital to do the spay.

The surgery went reasonably well considering she had multiple litters. But, given the history, the many blood vessels supplying her engorged uterus, and the duration of surgery required to safely minimize post-operative risks, Teala did have complications. The next day she was not feeling well and she was found to have lost a lot of blood. She was reexamined, and coagulation screening tests were performed to ensure she did not have a rare bleeding disorder. These revealed normal results. However, throughout the day, Teala’s blood count continued to drop. A plasma transfusion was given to help with the clotting process as she had lost a large amount of blood from surgery the day before. She responded well and she was sent home for continuous overnight monitoring by her loving attentive family.
The following day revealed a stabilized blood count that continued to rise throughout the day. Teala was back to feeling her normal self, besides the major surgery she had had two days prior. She continues to do well after this ordeal, and we at Paws for Hope thank Yaletown Pet Hospital for their diligent care of Teala over those few days.

Even with the generous discounts provided by Yaletown Pet Hospital, the costs to providing the follow up care that Teal required to survive the complications were extraordinary. Your donation will help us help others

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