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Meet Tank. Tank is a seven year old pit bull, who lives with his Dad in Surrey. Tank’s Dad, Phoenix owns a tattoo shop in Surrey, Phoenix Tattoos. The shop, however, burned down in October, and without insurance, he is struggling to get back on his feet. Read more about the business, the fire and how you can help here. Phoenix contacted us because within a one week period, Tank had four episodes where he would collapse and be unresponsive. Each time, Phoenix was able to resuscitate him, but he knew there was something seriously wrong with his best friend. With everything else going on for him, he did not have the resources to take Phoenix to see a veterinarian. We too, knew this was a serious condition and the best thing would be to get Tank in to see Dr. Llewellyn at Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital.

Vet Tech Nicole & Tank

Vet Tech Nicole & Tank

As expected, the news was not good. X-rays and and ECG showed that Tank has cardiac neoplasia, a tumour on the heart that is not treatable.

He is currently living out his days with palliative care until such time he is no longer comfortable. Our hearts go out to Tank and Phoenix, and wish these two best friends the best of days.

To find out more about how you can help us continue to help pets like Tank, visit our website.

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