Tails of Deception

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Over the next couple of months we will be sharing stories that shed light on the realities of purchasing an animal from a pet store, on line or through a newspaper. It is through these stories that we hope to bring to light the reality of the disappointment, pain and sometimes suffering this enterprise can cause.
If you have a story you would like to share, contact us at pawsforhope@gmail.com
Lisa Bogardi’s Story

I was 17 years old when I bought my dog from a pet store in Richmond. This was over 10 years ago and at that time, I paid $1,200 for a six week old Pekingese puppy. Within two days of having him, he became extremely ill and the veterinarian told me that he had to have been sick with pneumonia before I purchased him. My attempts to recover the additional $1,200 I paid in medical bills to nurse Opey back to health from the pet store were unsuccessful. Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of costly veterinary trips for Opey, and while he lived for 11 years, it was not without a considerable financial burden and at times, significant discomfort for Opey. When I bought him, the papers that the store provided stated that the breeder where Opey came from was AKC registered. I took this to mean American Kennel Club and that had assured me that he was coming from a reputable breeder, as promised by the store.
After Opey continued to have health problems, I found out that this particular AKC did not stand for American Kennel Club, but rather Arkansas Kennel Club.
Determined not to make the same mistake twice, when I decided to get Opey a sibling, I thought the wiser route would be to find one through the newspaper. The ad, “Need a good home for a dog? Need a dog for a good home? We adopt dogs!” instantly caught my eye. In fact, this add, over seven years later can still be found in the paper.
Once again, I paid $1,200 for a Pekingese puppy from a place that described itself as a training, grooming and boarding facility. When I got Molly, she had a hernia and caved rib cage, and like, Opey, over the years I spent a small fortune tending to the health needs of two very special creatures.
Now they are both gone, but their lives and deaths were not in vain. I became involved in animal rights and began a rescue and rehabilitation services for homeless dogs.

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