Paws for Hope is excited to host a keynote address with Josey Kitson, Executive Director of the World Society for the Protection of Animals Canada. Ms Kitson will discuss WSPA’s innovative and important work with dogs both in Canada and around the world.

When Ms. Kitson began her career at WSPA she oversaw the Northern Dog project which addressed the issues of dog overpopulation in Aboriginal communities across Canada. Aboriginal people have long history of close relationships with dogs. Long before Europeans touched Canada’s shores, dogs played an integral role in the community. These dogs were relied upon to hunt, work, and provide food, clothing and companionship.

Today, dog population management is a concern for many communities across Canada. This issue is often a low priority and a lack of veterinary services and education on responsible dog ownership has led to a high number of unwanted dogs. Ms. Kitson will discuss WSPA’s work in Aboriginal Communities to find practical and humane ways to manage dogs while at the same time implementing sound animal welfare measures. In countries around the world, WSPA estimates that millions of dogs are brutally killed each year in mass “culls”, although the true number is not known. Many of these culls are launched in response to rabies outbreaks, but dogs are also killed for reasons such as nuisance, dog bites, rising dog populations, and in attempts to “clean up” cities in advance of international events. More often than not, culls use extremely inhumane methods – including electrocution, shooting, poisoning, or simply beating dogs to death.

Ms. Kitson will also talk about WSPA’s work to end the needless and cruel killing of dogs in response to rabies and ensure that governments and communities worldwide replace it with mass vaccination and humane dog population projects.

Venue: Vancouver Fairmont
Date:October 23rd @11:30-1pm
Tickets will be available for purchase first week of September. If you would like to make sure you don’t miss out on this exciting event, email Kathy at kathy@pawsforhope.org to be notified when tickets become available.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please contact Kathy.

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