Small animals come in plenty

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Small animals, such as mice and rabbits are often perceived as even more disposable than other companion animals. There are few shelters that have the housing to take in small animals and those that do, take in a very limited number. But despite the lack of resources to support their rescue, stores across the province continue to sell these animals to anyone and little, if any, accurate information on their care requirements are provided to the buyer. In addition, the breeding of these animals goes unchecked and is even easier to conceal than larger animals, such as cats and dogs. As a result, small animals are dumped at alarming rates.

Small Animal Rescue Society (SARS) is one of the few provincial organizations that provides for the rescue and care of small critters. It is more often than not up to them to trap and house critters who have been dumped by someone who no longer is able to or wants to care for them any more

Recently, they took in a nursing rabbit with nine kits and because her babies were only four weeks old and she was still nursing, what was not able to be spayed. She subsequently had a second litter of 10. It will cost over $2,500 to spay and neuter the entire family.

In addition, they also trapped 26 fancy rats that were dumped on a mountain side in Abbotsford and to date, their veterinary costs have amounted to $1,500.

girl rat (2)

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And these costs do not include include costs associated with the day to day care of these animals while they remain in foster care until they are adopted.

We are pleased to be able to provide a $500 grant through our Guardian Angel Fund Program to assist in offsetting some of the unexpected costs that SARS has. Our Grants Committee has also agreed that over the next six months, if additional resources are available, we will provide more funding to support the important work that Small Animal Rescue is doing.

If you would like to donate directly to SARS you can do so online.

If you would like to support our Guardian Angel Fund so that we can ensure qualified rescues get the financial assistance they need to continue the important life saving work they do, you can do so here.

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