Small animals influence big change

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Our first Rescue and Inspiration Contest entry is the story of two rabbits and how major lifestyle impact they had on their new family.


Our family fostered Christopher from the Small Animal Rescue Society of BC in February, 2013. He was our first bunny. I immediately felt a connection to this sweet little creature, who was found dumped near a gas station. None of us can imagine who would want to abandon such a lovely little animal, or how scared he must have been.

From the beginning, I felt calm in his presence and his gentle ways have had a real effect on all of us in the house. Since we adopted Christopher, our whole family has gone vegan. We are more active in animal rights issues and much more conscious of making cruelty-free choices. We credit Christopher for that…there’s just something about him!

Then came Myrtle – our gorgeous ‘gentle giant’ of a California Rabbit. Poor Myrtle had 27 babies from several litters by the time she came to our house via SARS and her foster mom, Jen (who fostered Myrtle and 2 of her litters!). She will come when called like a puppy and watch out if you are eating a banana cause she’ll climb all over you and snatch it out of your hand! Anyway, it was a long bonding process but she is now spayed and bonded with (neutered) Christopher and they are the best of friends. They snuggle all day and night and are inseparable.

I know our whole family is enamoured of Christopher and Myrtle and we are so grateful to SARS for bringing us together.

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Jean Hebert
Isabel Hebert

Christopher and Myrtle

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