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This weekend our family said good bye to our sweet Max. Max was 12 and while it was heartbreaking to say a final good bye, I feel so grateful to have been able to care for as her body started to betray her and her days became more quiet.

When I first became involved in animal welfare and rescue, the thing that shocked me the most (and there was a lot that shocked me) was the number of senior pets who are surrendered to shelters. It was, and still is, incomprehensible to me how someone can abandon their pet, who they have shared the past decade or so with.

Recently, our board member, Megan Ferris, posted a gorgeous photo of her 14 year old dog on Facebook and I instantly said, this has to go on our poster. Our wonderful design person, Megan Finnerty did not hesitate when I asked her to create a poster for Quin.

PFH-lifetime_commitment (2)

And as expected, the response to this lovely old fella was amazing, which lead us to want to share more senior love.

If you have a photo of your senior pet you would like to see on one of our posters, you can enter them in our Facebook contest.

Contest Guidelines

From September 4 – September 11, 2013 submit your high resolution photo to Please also include a brief write up/description/story of something you would like to share about your senior.

Photos will be posted on our Facebook page on September 12-26th, 2013 for people to vote on their favourite photo.
The top three photos will be made into posters.

Please note: If you are using a photo that was taken by a professional photographer to also include their logo (if you do not have their logo you should be able to find it via google images).

By submitting your photo and story you are giving Paws for Hope Animal Foundation permission to use it in posters and publications.

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