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As MLA Jane Thornthwaite moves to draft a private members bill that will target puppy mills, the support of fellow MLA’s is critical.

Please write your MLA and ask them to support this bill. Feel free to use sample letter in part or whole.

Dear MLA …..

I am a resident of (MLA constinutency area)

I am writing in support of Jane Thornthwaite’s plans to draft a private members bill that aims to regulate breeding practices in our province to ensure that high standards of care are implemented and enforced. Currently, there are no regulations for individuals who breed animals and as a result, operations exist across the province that have animals in deplorable conditions. Many of these animals will live their lives in crowded and filthy cages, they are not provided with necessary veterinary care and often do not have access to adequate food and water and opportunities for socialization. Shelters across the province can attest to the fact that many of these animals will be dumped in parks and on the street when they are no longer of any breeding use to the operator. In addition, because of poor breeding practices, it is common for puppies that are sold from these mills to have serious behavioural and/or health problems. Rescue organizations often become the only conduit of support for these puppies, whose new guardians are no longer able to or willing to care for them. As a result, thousands of dollars will be spent in attempts to nurse a sick puppy mill dog back to health.

Puppies bred in mills and kittens bred in commercial kennels are sold in pet stores, online and in newspapers and because the goal is to make a profit, there are not systems in place that ensure that puppy is going to an appropriate home. As a result, it is not uncommon for these puppies to be bought as a gift or as an impulse purchase only to soon be surrendered at a shelter or abandoned. Many shelters are overburdened and as a result, animals die. Rescue organizations are often taxed beyond their means to take more animals in. All the while, unscrupulous breeders continue to mass produce puppies in deplorable conditions for profit.

On any given day in BC, there are approximately 1,000 homeless dogs and 1,500 homeless cats. Eliminating puppy mills and the sale of animals in pet stores is one very significant step towards solving this problem.

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