Rest in Peace Timmy

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We introduced you to Timmy last week. We were helping Timmy after his Dad had exhausted all of his funds trying to find out what was wrong with his best friend.



Upon examination, there appeared to be a few things going on with Timmy, and Dr. Llewellyn had arranged for Timmy to get an ultrasound done this week. Unfortunately, by Tuesday Timmy was doing very poorly and after two seizures in the morning, his Dad made the difficult decision to end his suffering. All the staff at Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic and us at Paws for Hope were devastated that this sweet guy lost his battle, and our hearts are with his Dad.

Yesterday we received this lovely note from Timmy’s Dad, and we share it with you to demonstrate why your donations to Roxy’s Relief mean so much.

Kathy / Paws for Hope,

I wanted to write you and let you know how truly grateful i am for all the incredible help you and your amazing group have given to me and my best friend Timmy. A few days ago Timmy was overcome by severe medical problems and i had to make the hardest decision of my life and say goodbye to him. Timmy was not going to revover from the horrible things that were hurting him and he was suffering which i could not let continue. Losing Timmy has devastated me entirely, he was my happiness and he was a very special and unique little guy that brought everyone that knew him nothing but happiness and love. I wanted to say to you and your group how grateful i am for your help and i could not have gotten thru the last days without your help and all the medical care you all covered. Timmy received the best care from amazing people at the Scottsdale animal hospital and that care was what Timmy needed and what i needed for him. Your group helped me and Timmy in a way i cannot ever repay or say thank you enough for, i wish with all my heart and soul that Timmy couldve recovered and returned to the beautiful little cat that he was but he didnt and now he has passed. Your help made his passing as comfortable as it could possibly be and i am grateful for that and i always will be. Thank you for everything you did and please thank everyone at Paws for Hope for me, i am truly thankful for all of you.

Sadly and sincerely,
Steve and Timmy

Thank you to everyone who supports the work we do. With no government funding, none of it would be possible without your individual donation.

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Rest in Peace sweet Timmy

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