Rescue animals are our favourite breed

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Rescue animals are our favourite breed

If you grew up watching the Price Is Right over lunch, you’ve no doubt heard Bob Barker say “Help control the pet population.”  If you’re an animal lover, you’re probably one of the 2 million people who’ve viewed Sarah McLachlan’s End Animal Cruelty campaign for the BCSPCA and felt sick when Paul McCartney brought awareness to the baby seal cull in Northern Canada.

Animal advocates are everywhere (thank goodness!). And regardless of their level of fame and fortune and the type of animal they choose to advocate for, one common thread is evident: Animals need our help. There is a LOT of love out there for our furry friends. And, sadly, there is a lot of aggression against our four-legged friends too.

So, we rescue.

According to the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, shelters in Canada took in over 85,000 cats and 38,000 dogs in 2014. And this does not include municipal run shelters.

Contrary to animal rescue folklore, rescue animals aren’t all crazy, mixed up, and “broken”. In fact, the majority of rescued animals aren’t relinquished for behavourial problems and are loving and gentle. The majority are strays (45%), many have been surrendered by their owner and are already trained (29%), and an unfortunate few have been abused (5.3%). Regardless of their history, all have distinct personalities – the same loveable oddball attributes that a new puppy from the breeder has – except they’re older, and they’re here now looking for a forever home.

In 2014, only 42% of dogs and 53% of cats were adopted from animal rescue organizations in Canada. Which means, while inhumane breeders were churning out new puppies for pet stores to sell, thousands of dogs and cats sat in crates and foster homes waiting to find their person.

5 reasons to adopt instead of shop

  1. It saves a life.
    Rescue animals that are not adopted may be euthanized. Contact one of our partner organizations and say hello to the rescue animals. You’ll fall in love. You’ll save their life and, undoubtedly, they’ll save yours.
  1. You have options
    If you’re a breed-specific kind of person, there is no doubt an animal that fits your needs in a rescue organization in BC. All types of breeds end up in shelters. There are even breed-specific shelters. Look to rescue organizations first.
  1. You say to breeding mills “Not cool!”
    When you rescue an animal you are not buying an animals, which means demand for breeding mills decreases. And less demand eventually leads to eradication. So, high five!
  1. Love is free
    They say you can’t buy love; but you can adopt it. Adopting an animal will make your heart B-E-A-M! There’s no better love than a heartbeat at your feet.
  1. Most rescue animals are trained.
    No newspapers on the floor and couch pillows ripped to shreds. (Well, no guarantees but…) Most rescue animals have been “preowned” which means someone else went through the tough training days so you could have a new best pal who knows the rules (for the most part).

Choose to rescue.
Support our #PetsAreNotProducts initiative. Buy your “Rescue is My Favourite Breed” or “Pets Are Not Products” t-shirt today from the Paws for Hope shop.

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