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The goal of our Roxy’s Relief program is to support pet guardians who are homeless, low income and / or elderly in helping them care for their pets. We do this by providing donations of food, bedding, jackets, and other items to keep their pets comfortable, safe and healthy. We also hold free animal health clinics, and provide financial assistance for veterinary care.

Precious’s person contacted us because she was worried about her nail beds and claws that had been become itchy and scaly. She also shared with us that she had struggled with depression throughout her young life, and Precious had always been an important part of her recovery. She did everything she could to ensure Precious remained healthy, but her low income earning status while on disability made it difficult for her at this time and she was concerned that she would not be able to afford the treatment.

Dr. Llewellyn saw Precious a couple of weeks ago, and prescribed antibiotics. A few days into antibiotics and with the use of a topical soap resolved that concern, but it was also discovered on that day that Precious had a small nondescript growth on her left thigh. Upon further evaluation through cytology, that growth was found to be a mast cell tumour. Luckily, in cats mast cell tumours tend to behave benign, unlike in dogs. Precious returned to Scottsdale the following week to have the growth removed and sent for diagnostics. It was indeed confirmed to be a mast cell tumour and should now no longer cause any worries.



Paws for Hope Animal Foundation is is the only charity to directly help B.C. dogs, cats, and other small animals and to also assist pre-qualified community-based animal rescue and support groups with their different areas of need – from vet care and capacity building funding to holding helpful workshops on important topics like “compassion fatigue”. By stepping up and filling the gaps with our own direct animal assistance and educational programs while simultaneously strengthening and empowering the existing animal support network, we’re one step closer to realizing our vision of a Province providing the utmost care and protection for its companion animals.

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