VANCOUVER, BC (February 29, 2016) – Paws For Hope Animal Foundation kicked off its Pets Are Not Products awareness initiative today, which is rooted in educating the public about the relationship between breeding mills and the retail sale of animals.

Breeding mills have a reputation for inhumane and deplorable animal treatment. There are no regulations in the breeding industry. No standards of healthcare. And inadequate laws to protect the animals producing en masse. Most people who purchase pets don’t know that when you purchase an animal from a pet store, you are supporting breeding mills.

“To be a responsible breeder, to be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, you’re not allowed to sell to pet stores,” says Paws For Hope’s executive director Kathy Powelson. “So you know if you’re buying an animal from a pet store it is not coming from a reputable source.”

The Pets Are Not Products campaign will use social media to highlight BC rescue organizations and provide consumers with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions regarding adoption. The campaign website,, includes a free activism toolkit for those interested in connecting with legislature or spearheading demonstrations at pet stores known to sell animals.

Paws For Hope Animal Foundation is committed to creating more sustainable animal welfare and purposeful companion animal protection in British Columbia. They are the only BC charity to directly help animals and to also assist animal rescue charities with their different areas of need. This includes grant funding, advocacy and professional development workshops.

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