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Paws for Hope was formed in June 2011 to respond to animal welfare issues and to improve the lives of animals in our province. Our goals are to educate the public about animal welfare; to support the community in caring for their animals; to support volunteer run rescue groups, and our longer term is to goal to build a rehabilitation centre and sanctuary.

Currently, we have three initiatives.

Roxy’s Fund is a community program that supports homeless, street involved and low income pet guardians in the Downtown Eastside (DTES). Along with Downtown Dogs and Obediently Yours K9 Training, we have partnered with three service agencies to support their clients and their pets. Currently, we provide items, such as collars, leashes, bedding, toys etc, and our goal is to expand the program to provide spay and neuters and other veterinary care as needed. While we have in kind veterinarian and technician support, we need to raise money to cover the costs of surgical and recovery supplies. In addition, we are collecting donations of dog and cat food, kitty litter and litter boxes.

The Guardian Angel Fund will be launched in March 2012. This fund will provide emergency funding to volunteer led animal rescue organizations throughout BC for veterinary expenses. Rescue organizations often pull animals out of shelters or have animals surrendered to their care who require veterinary care for skin conditions, injuries sustained from accidents or mistreatment and health issues related to age. The faster an animal is nursed back to health, the faster they will be adopted and thus, opening up space and resources for groups to help the next animal in need. Because rescue organizations are primarily volunteer led and are reliant on fundraising through individual donors and events, their capacity to help is often limited due to lack of resources. The Guardian Angel Fund will help to increase the capacity of these groups to save more animals. In addition, in order to ensure the Fund is supporting reputable organizations we have created a set of criteria that organizations must meet in order to receive support.

No Pet Sales in Pet Stores Campaign aims to mobilize municipal councils across the province to follow the City of Richmond and the City of Toronto’s lead and ban the sale of animals in pet stores. We have been very active in writing editorials (including an interview in the Burnaby Now) around this issue. To move forward, we have established a Coalition of individuals and organizations to develop a strategic plan that will increase people’s awareness about the reality of where many animals sold in pet stores, on line and in newspapers come from and to pressure city councils to develop legislation that will stop the sale of pets in pet stores.

The success of these programs will only be possible with the support of people like you. Please consider donating so that we can ensure; the pets on the DTES are taken care of, so that we can give abandoned, neglected and abused animals a second chance, and so that we can end the inhumane practice of puppy and kitten mills, and backyard breeding. Donations can be made online or mailed to:

7155 Kingsway
PO Box 54556
Burnaby, BC
V5E 2V1

If you would like to volunteer with us, please let me know and I can send you a volunteer application. If you have items you would like to donate to Roxy’s Fund, they can be dropped off at Downtown Dogs at 3387 Kingsway, Vancouver, or we can make arrangements to pick them up.


Thank you in advance for your support. If you would like to hear more about Paws for Hope, I would be happy to meet with you.

Kathy Powelson

Executive Director

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