• Provide education & awareness on the unnecessary and inhumane practice of animals testing for cosmetics & household products
  • Provide education & awareness on the misleading labeling of cruelty free products in North America, and how to identify genuine cruelty free products
  • Promote local companies producing certified cruelty free products
  • VANCOUVER, BC – March 17, 2015 – Paws for Hope Animal Foundation, a Vancouver-based charity committed to more sustainable companion animal protection in B.C., today announced the launch of their new campaign, Cruelty Free BC. Cruelty Free BC aims to raise awareness on the unnecessary suffering that occurs during the production of the majority of cosmetics and other household products sold in North America.
    “The goal of our campaign is to provide consumers with the information they need so they can make humane purchasing decisions”, says Kathy Powelson, executive director. “Because of incredibly lax labeling requirements in North America, a product can be identified as cruelty free, but actually contain ingredients that have been tested on animals. A lot of people don’t know that, and are misled into believing they are using cruelty free products”.

    According to the Humane Society International, Animal testing for cosmetics and household products is not only inhumane and unethical, it is unnecessary. There are many non-animal tests that produce more reliable results to human health, and many are less expensive and more efficient. And while many countries, such as the Norway, India and the 28 member states of the European Union have banned this practice, the majority of countries, including Canada, still permit it.

    Adds Powelson, “Until Canada bans animal testing, the best way to be sure a product and all of its ingredients have not been tested on animals is if it has been certified through an external body, such as Leaping Bunny. There are a lot of amazing certified cruelty free products, and many that are made here in BC. Our hope is to bring attention to these companies, and to encourage other companies to go cruelty free and to get certified.

    To further discuss the topic of animal testing and the impact it has on animals in the lab, Paws for Hope is hosting a keynote lunch on Saturday, April 11th, with the Founder and President of Beagle Freedom Project, Shannon Keith. Ms. Keith will talk about their rescue program, and how we can support reform. The keynote is opened to the public with further details available at

    Kathy Powelson, Executive Director, Paws for Hope Animal Foundation


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