Paws for Hope Celebrates Anniversary

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This month marks Paws for Hope’s third year anniversary. In some ways, it feels like we have been doing this work forever, and in others, we realize that we have really just begun.

Were it not for the rescue veterans (and they know who they are) who were open enough in the beginning to hear my vision and to trust that we could make this work, Paws for Hope would not have made it past its first year. Were it not for the amazing founding board members, Paws for Hope would have remained an idea in my head. And of course, were it not for our volunteers and donors, none of this would have been possible.

So here we are, three years in and so excited about the work we are doing, the work we want to do, and the difference we know we are making for dogs, cats, and other small animals. Our vision has always remained the same, but now, thanks to a business minded Board President, we can articulate it in a succinct way – to build sustainable, long-term animal protection for companion animals in B.C. As a unique organization that both directly helps animals and also funds pre-qualified animal groups with their different areas of need, we have created a model with which to achieve this: optimizing and collaborating with existing animal rescue and support organizations, committing ourselves to fill important gaps, and participating in affecting local and provincial animal-related legislation. And we have a comprehensive strategic plan based on clearly defined objectives to keep our day-to-day work focused, and to ensure we are accountable to our donors, the rescue community, the greater community, and of course, the animals.

Our Annual General Meeting is set for September 23, and we will utilize this opportunity to host a donor and member appreciation. Something so miraculous happened last week, however, and there is one donor who we simply cannot wait until September to thank.

Last week we met with John Dexter, CEO of Reliant Music and had the opportunity to talk with him about the work we are doing. During our conversation, it was very clear to us that he is as committed to improving the lives of animals as we are, and we are honoured that he has put his faith in us to do this work with a $30,000 donation. This generous gift provides us with the opportunity to help more animals than we planned for in 2014/2015. We can assist more animals whose guardians are homeless or low income through our Roxy’s Relief Program, and Animal Health Clinics. It will also provide us with the opportunity to increase our support to the rescue community through our Guardian Angel Program, and will allow us to enhance our Pets Are Not Products Program
Thank you John and thank you to all of our donors over the years. None of this would be possible without your belief in our mission and faith in our abilities to achieve it.

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