Part of Guardian Angel Program to uniquely assist pre-qualified organizations with operational development.

VANCOUVER, BC – Paws for Hope Animal Foundation is committed to sustainable, long-term companion animal protection in British Columbia.

“One of the ways we have set out to do this, is to provide funding to qualified rescue organizations”, says Executive Director, Kathy Powelson, “and we are so pleased to add Organizational Development Grants to our Guardian Angel Program”.

Since 2012, Paws for Hope’s Guardian Angel Program has provided funding to local rescues for veterinary care. Qualified rescue groups can apply for funding to help cover the costs of emergency, extraordinary or project based veterinary care on an as-needed basis. Over these past two years, it has also become apparent, that these groups committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned, neglected and abused animals, are not able to take the time to raise money for organizational development. The vast majority of the money that is raised goes towards the care and rehabilitation of the animals in their care. The purpose of the Organizational Development Grant is to assist in the development, improvement, and/or enhancement of an animal group’s organizational operations. This grant opportunity recognizes that a professional and streamlined organization will be much more effective in saving the lives of animals in need. Our goal is offer this grant opportunity in larger amounts at least once a year, and to be able to provide other capacity building opportunities in the future, such as workshops, and training identified by the rescue community as needed. “Ninety percent of our revenue comes through corporate and individual donations”, noted Powelson “so our ability to support these qualified groups is dependent on our ability to raise the much needed funds to do so. We really are committed to making animal welfare sustainable in BC.”

Organizational Development Grant Recipients

BC Chihuahua Rescue ($500): Purchase accounting and donation software program & update brochure design and content.

Spirit’s Mission ($825): Purchase of microchip equipment to assist volunteer Animal Wellness Team in keeping track of companion animals in remote communities.

Whistler Animals Galore ($200): Development of spay/neuter educational posters and brochures for outreach program with First Nations community in Mt. Currie.

Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association ($1,000): To support a professional redesign and printing of main brochure, and a complementary series of three brochures focusing on adoption, fostering, and donating.

Okanagan Small Dog Rescue Society ($350): To cover printing costs of newly designed brochure.

Small Animal Rescue Society of BC ($756): To replace front door of rabbit shelter.

West Coast Rottweiler Rescue ($750): To support the redesign and printing of main brochure.

Critteraid ($1,000): To assist in the development of a Volunteer and Board Education Program.

Canadian Animal Assistance Team ($750): To assist in the the development of education brochure on the benefits of spay/neuter, basic animal health care, and educational material for children.

Veterinary Care Grant Recipient

Whistler Animals Galore ($800): To support spay and neuter surgeries in Mt. Currie.

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