Meet Cabo

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Many of you may remember seeing pictures of Cabo from our Vet Clinic Day


When Cabo and his mum came in to see Dr. Shawn, it was evident he needed dental surgery and we began to make arrangements for him to get surgery. Blood was drawn, antibiotics were prescribed, and we have arranged to have Dr. Shawn operate on Cabo on April 7th. Although Dr. Shawn is donating his time and his clinic Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital is providing a discount for supplies and procedures required for the surgery, we will still have to pay the remaining portion.

Please consider donating to help us pay for the surgery. If we raise more than what is required for this surgery, we will use it for other veterinary care that we provide for animals whose people are homeless and/or low income.

As you know, these animals are often the only constant source of companionship for some. Let’s do what we can to keep them together.

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