Meet Bogotai

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Bogotai is a senior mastiff cross who lives in the down town east side (DTES) with his person, Ken. When Bogotai started limping, Ken was very concerned that there was something wrong with his paw, but he could not afford to take him to a clinic to get checked up.

An outreach worker at one of our partner agencies LookOut Emergency Aid Society, contacted us to see if we could help Bogotai. Because of donations earmarked to our Roxy’s Relief program, and support from Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital, we were able to arrange for Ken to take his constant companion to see Dr. Shawn Llewellyn.

Bogotai was diagnosed with arthritis of his left knee and an old torn ligament, that would require surgery to repair. However, given his size, age, amount of arthritis and fibrosis there, he is not a good surgical candidate. Particularly because it would not fully repair the damage. The good news, however, is his blood work came back clear, which does make him a good candidate for long term use of anti-inflammatories. And because of our partnership with LookOut, we will be able to stay in touch with Ken, to ensure Bogotai remains comfortable.

Our ability to support pets like Bogotai is only possible through your donations. Thank you for allowing Ken and Bogotai many more days together.


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