Living for a Cruelty Free Tomorrow

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Many companies that are committed to being cruelty free, are also committed to the environment. This is certainly the case for LFT Group Brands Ltd.

Tell us a little about your company…

LFT Group Brands Ltd (“LFT”) is a BC based company that is the brand owner of “Live for Tomorrow”, a range of environmentally friendly cleaning products. Generally cleaning products and their packaging are damaging people’s health and polluting our eco-systems. Our products are natural and packaged to reduce waste. LFT’s products are 3rd party certified (independent verification); and 1% of our sales are donated to environmental and social causes… makes for a happy customer and a healthier environment.

We exist to help others lead a life with a light footprint and thus ‘make a difference’. Consumers, and society at large, has for too long lived for today with no thought of tomorrow. Attitudes are now changing. A clean and safe home makes one feel good… and giving back and saving the environment makes one feel even better.

What led LFT to the decision to create cruelty free products?

There is no need for companies to create products which have been tested on animals. Non-toxic problems do not require the testing that harsh products to ensure they are sort of safe for human use. We wanted to create a line of products which were more compassionate and in line with the growing consumer trend.

How do you go about sourcing your cruelty free materials?

We spend a lot of time on research supply sources and working with our supply chain. There are now more options available, and certainly the case with more natural ingredient offerings.

Those who test on animals often say there’s no other way or viable alternative. What would you say to that?

Toxic products are tested as the manufacturers are concerned of litigation. Our natural ingredients do not fall in the category. We spend a lot of time on research supply sources and working with our supply chain. Natural ingredients (products) are more expensive. Price is often a driving factor. We have developed a premium product which confirms to the highest standards. And it is targeted at more discerning conscientious consumers.

LFT’s extensive range of eco-friendly “Live for Tomorrow” cleaning products represents more fully the ‘Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, ’ concept. The products are the right solution for the increasing public trend to be green, differentiated through:
• Defendable “green” claim;
• Product packaging that can be re-used (aluminum) and refill options made from 97% PCR plastic; and
• Highly concentrated – better water usage results in overall cost savings.

Live for Tomorrow giveraway March 2015

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