Join the #LicksForLove Challenge!

Nominate your pet-loving friends for our Licks For Love Challenge! You’ll help spread the word about breeding mills, pet stores, and animal welfare. Plus you’ll be showing your support for our Pets Are Not Products advocacy initiative while you’re at it.

The challenge is simple:

1. Let your pet lick your face. Get it on video (seriously!), and post it on Paws For Hope’s Facebook page.

Use this script in your video / copy and paste it into your post (feel free to modify to make it your own):

I accept the Licks For Love challenge and I challenge [@FriendOne], [@FriendTwo], and [@FriendThree] to get licked in support of [@PawsForHope] because Pets Are Not Products!
Post your video on Paws For Hope’s Facebook page, challenge 3 more friends, and donate $10 to
#LicksForLove #PetsAreNotProducts 

2. Be sure to tag your nominees (and us!), like our page, and check out all the wet, slobbery submissions we’ve received so far. Man alive, we’ve had some tough contestants who fought through eyeball licks, bad breath licks, and even a little accidental tongue action – all in the name of animal welfare and love. Like, share, and help us keep the challenge going!

We appreciate all donations, big and small. If you’d like to give, you can do so here.

Learn more about why Pets Are Not Products and how you can get involved here.

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