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In December 2011, VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Assoc.) received a call from some kind people at a daycare centre at a church who were feeding two abandoned kitties under their porch. The daycare was very close to the home where the cats used to live and the guardians absconded. Maria Soroski, co-founder of VOKRA and the main trapper in Vancouver, attended. The first kitty was trapped quicky, while the orangie was a little more reluctant, but finally went into the trap. Maria named the orangie Kringle and his brother Pjammies.

Pjammies was quickly adopted, but Kringle took longer to recover from his trauma, and remained in several foster homes. At one location in North Vancouver he went on a walkabout. Petsearchers Canada was called to attend after he was missing for two days. While Al walked around the perimeter region with one of his bloodhounds, Kringle quickly went into the trap that was set under the porch of the foster home, and back into the loving care of VOKRA.

When Kringle came to my home in the spring of 2012 as my first foster with VOKRA, he was wearing a tracking collar in case he had the mind to run away. But he never expressed any interest in going near the door or windows. He showed anxiety when I put on a hat or coat or wore crinkly sounding outdoor wear. I returned the tracking collar to VOKRA, where they could use it for other cats who were still unsure whether they liked it inside. Kringle

The first day at my home I told Kringle that if he wanted to stay he could. He seemed to accept that understanding. I had just lost my former kitty Ebony, who passed away suddenly, so there was a vacancy for a full-time kitty in my home. Kringle was a little shy, but immediately slept on the bed at night. I finally heard his quiet purr, the softest I have ever heard a cat purr – almost a whisper. You have to listen very carefully to hear it and appreciate it.

As I documented Kringle’s story with photos, I appreciated that he is okay with having his picture taken. He is very photogenic. I had started a Facebook page called Crazy about Cats, dedicated to Canadian cat rescues. Kringle now has three volumes of photos there. He is a model of curious cat behaviour, which appears on Youtube (Kringle gets a snack, Kringle makes out with the Green Robe). In his photos, he shows us how to relax in the sun, play with toys, and otherwise enjoy the quiet life of a senior cat … a foster-turned-furever from VOKRA.



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