Keeping pets with their families and saving lives

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We keep pets with their families. We keep pets out of the shelters. We save lives.

Our Roxy’s Relief program provides support to homeless and low income pet guardians so they can receive critical veterinary care for their pet. Their pet is often their one constant companion in an otherwise isolated life. By helping their pets get veterinary care, guardians do not have to consider surrendering them to a shelter, and sometimes—this veterinary care saves a life.

Pets get to stay with their guardians

We first met Pazuzu when he and his brother Cane came to our One Health pilot project—a partnership with Community Veterinary Outreach.

After the free clinic, the brothers were neutered through our SpayAid BC program.


A few months later we received a call from Pazuzu’s mom. Pazuzu had accidentally ingested rat poison and was in urgent need of emergency veterinary care.

We arranged for Pazuzu to go to Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic. This was the worst case of poisoning they had seen, and doctors and staff worked around the clock to save his life.

A life saved

After four days, he was well enough to go home but would have to return over the next couple of months for blood tests to ensure his organs were functioning well.

This week we received an email from his mom and are delighted to hear that Pazuzu is doing excellent, enjoying life and taking time to stop and smell the flowers!

Youth and their pets

We know from McCreary Centre Society’s research, “Connections and Companionship: The health of BC youth with pets, the bond between marginalized youth and their pet is often a very significant aspect of their life—one that encourages healthy decision-making such as attending school and being physically active. Helping young people and their pets improves the lives of both the youth and their furry companion. Healthy pets creates healthy communities.

We can only do this because of you. When you give, animals get the help they need. When you give, a life is saved.

Donate today and a pet just like Pazuzu will get a second chance.

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