Just one cheque away from homelessness

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Did you know that many British Columbia residents are just one pay cheque away from homelessness?

With the high cost of living, income assistance supports that have not kept up and social policies that do not support a strong social architecture , there are many of us that are barely making ends meet, let alone in a position to be able to save for emergencies.

This is George. George is a much loved family member who got very sick very fast. His guardian, who is on disability, used most of his rent money to get George the care and tests needed to treat him. We were able to connect with the hospital and cover the bill, and they refunded the rent money back.



Roxy’s Relief Program

Our Roxy’s Relief Program provides support to homeless, street-involved, low-income pet guardians through donations of food, bedding, jackets, and other items, and by offering free animal health clinics and vet care assistance. We work in partnership with human-focused service organizations in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside and New Westminster. Donations are delivered every 6 to 8 weeks to be distributed to those in need. In addition, we participate in community events, such as Homeless Connects, which provide an opportunity for pet guardians to pick up food, connect with our staff, and get minor pet grooming.

Turn your compassion into action and your donation will directly help the many animals in need.

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

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