Helping the most vulnerable

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Due to the overwhelming number of request for financial support we have received in the past few months, we have had no choice but to close intake for any further requests until we raise more funds to support homeless and low income pet guardians get their pets the veterinary care they need.

There was one request, however, that we simply could not turn away. Below is the email we received:

Please let me give you some background. My friends name is [removed]. 5 years ago a bone tumour was discovered on her spine. The surgery left her permanently disabled. But her and her husband got by on his income; barely. 3 years ago she developed cancer in her right eye and lost it, leaving her with a glass eye. 2 years ago her husband died, without warning and well before his time. She has since developed cancer in her good eye and after undergoing chemo she will be losing that eye soon, and will be left blind in addition to her spinal disability.

I am writing this in tears. Her savings are gone. She lives off $800 a month from disability. After rent and utilities she has $7 left over. She relies on the food bank to eat and often goes hungry to feed her two small dogs.

Her dogs are all she has left. All that keeps her going. I’m writing to you because I know your practice is involved in charity work, I’m desperate to help her, an I don’t know where else to turn.

One of her dogs is in urgent need of a major dentistry with several extractions. She doesn’t have a penny to her name and is devastated, wrack with the guilt and shame of not being able to provide the care her dog so desperately needs.

I am writing this letter out if desperation. Trying to find someone who can help her. I’ve researched and the best I have found is the SPCA hospital that will cover up to 30%. But she has nothing. My heart is breaking for her. All she has is her dogs.

I don’t know if you can help but I figured I could write and at least try.

Dr. Llewellyn and Emma & Amme

Dr. Llewellyn and Emma & Amme

Arrangements were made for Emma and Amme to see Dr. Llewellyn. Both dogs had gum and teeth issues, but Dr. Llewellyn believed Amme’s teeth could be managed at home with daily brushing and oral mouth washes of an antibacterial solution. Emma, however, would require surgery to have some removed.

Emma’s dental surgery was scheduled for September 2, and had a total of seven teeth extracted. Thank you to Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital for their ongoing support of this critical work,and to their staff who never hesitate to help out.


Technicians Danica and Amber








Please consider donating today, so we can get back to helping wonderful pets just like Emma and Amme.BigBox_final (1)

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