Guardian Angel Program reaches out to Spirit’s Mission

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Paws for Hope Animal Foundation’s priority in 2014 is to expand and enhance our support to qualified run rescue organizations. To do this, we realize that we need to reach out to our partners to let them know the funding opportunities that are available.

There are few involved in the rescue community in British Columbia who do not know the story of Spirit, a little dog rescued from a remote coastal Aboriginal community whose short life became the inspiration for life saving rescue work. Spirit’s legacy began many years ago, and now continues in the Saik’uz community.


Spirit’s Mission is dedicated to eliminating disease, neglected and unwanted litters of dogs/cats in remote isolated communities. Volunteers work with Band and community members to improve the lives of animals in their community through outreach and wellness clinics that provide vaccinations, deworming, flea treatment and spay and neuters.

The need in the community is greater than the support provided in the wellness clinic, and this is where we wanted to help. This is when we heard about Thor.

Thor, out and about

Thor, out and about

Thor is a small dog that was attacked by a pack of free roaming dogs, and his family needed help with the cost of the veterinary bills. Thanks to relationships in the community with Spirit’s Mission, we could offer a grant to help Thor and other animals in the community. Thor has seen the vet, has been placed on a variety of antibiotics, pain medication and is now on his way to regaining his health. Once Thor is well enough he will be scheduled for his neuter, vaccinations and parasite control. Spirit’s Mission will utilize the remaining portion of the grant to help other animals who may have needs beyond the care provided during the spring Wellness Clinic.



Many remote communities across Canada face significant challenges providing basic veterinary care to companion animals. It is not uncommon for animals to go without any care during the course of their lives, even when they have been injured because of limited or no access to a veterinary clinic. Mass culls continue to be the response to large packs of free roaming dogs in some communities. The work that organizations such as Spirit’s Mission do is so important. Not only do they provide life saving support to animals in need, they give these animals a voice and allow for us to see through the eyes of souls who needs us.

Remember these faces.

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