Guardian Angel Grant supports BC Chihuahua Rescue

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One of the most heart breaking issues animal rescue organizations face is dealing with the number of people who want to surrender their senior pets. Recently we wrote a post on the toll this burden has on front line professionals.

In addition to the emotional toll caused by witnessing the confusion and sadness an elderly pet has when they are left in a new location without their family, taking in senior animals can create a financial burden in order to ensure they can get the veterinary care they need to get a much deserved second chance.


This is Myska, surrendered to BC Chihuahua Rescue by her family who had her for 10 years. They surrendered her because she had become nippy with younger children. She had not been to a veterinarian since 2006, was not spayed, had a skin condition, and needed major dental surgery. Pretty sure that would make any animal (or person) grumpy. We were happy to provide a grant to BCCR to cover the full cost of treatment.


This is Myska now, and not surprisingly, her foster family has already noticed a difference in her temperament. Myska has an adoption pending, and soon will be in a new family who can give her the love and attention she deserves. After all, every dog should grow old on a couch.

For more information on BCCR visit their website

Turn your compassion for dogs like Myska into action and donate today, so we can continue to support rescue organizations across the province doing this important life saving work.

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