12483233_10153887061461155_289871545_o If you look closely, you will see two heads peering through the grass. These feline spies live in one of the many cat colonies Crooked Leg Ranch monitors and cares for all year round. This is one of the larger colonies, with an estimated 50 cats. They came from surrounding farms and have settled at an elderly couple’s place. The cats take shelter in their many out buildings, and all things considering, it’s a good environment, but without an effective TNR strategy, the colony will become out of control.

Winter is harsh in our province’s north region, and for free roaming and feral cats, it can be brutal. Frostbite can lead to the loss of ears and limbs. Food is scares and many lives are lost without human intervention. The work of organizations like Crooked Leg Ranch is critical in helping to ensure free roaming cats can live the most comfortable life possible AND to ensure their populations do not increase. In fact successful TNR strategies have seen the elimination of feral colonies over the life span of a few generations of cats. And that is why our Crazy About Cats program is working to help support communities in tackling cat overpopulation.

For Crooked Leg Ranch, this means a small $1,000 grant to trap, spay/neuter, provide parasite control and return up to 10 cats.

There is a lot of work to be done across the province, and there are organizations on the ground doing great work. Our goal is to provide funding support to enhance the work they are doing.

Together we can do so much more


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