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The purpose of our Roxy’s Relief Program is to support homeless, low income and elderly pet guardians, and to help provide them with the necessary food, supplies, and when possible, financial assistance to care for their pets. Pets who are often the single most important thing in their life.

This past week, we have helped Poppy and Precious, we have also agreed to see Ellebow again, and a new patient…a dog named Lacey. The total cost will amount in the thousands, and we know there is still so many more animals that need help. Whether these are animals whose families are low income or whether they are animals who have been abandoned, neglected and/or abused…there is so much work that needs to be done.

With our limited resources, we attempt to strike a balance between providing financial support to individuals and financial support to rescue organizations, through our Guardian Angle Program, who are doing such important life saving work. And we take pride in taking a strategic approach to the work that we do, so we don’t lose sight of our overall goal, sustainable animal welfare.

Given the resources we have expended over the past few months on veterinary assistance, we have had to close our intake for requests for financial assistance so that we can ensure we are able to support our other, equally important programs.

But over the weekend, we made an exception for Gizmo.

Gizmo was hit by a car, and was in critical distress. His guardian is on disability, and he and his sister, rushed Gizmo to a clinic nearby in Surrey, where it would be ascertained that Gizmo has a badly broken leg and would require surgery. The story of a poor cat getting out of his home and getting hit by a car, is unfortunately not unique, what moved us was the lengths to which his people went to try to get together the money required to get him the care and surgery required. From payday loans, to smaller grants from other organizations to cover the costs of x-rays, painkillers and hospital stay, by the time Gizmo’s people contacted us they had quite literally did everything they possibly could to raise the money for his surgery.

When we heard from them on Sunday, they had until the next day to come up with $1,200 to cover the surgery. Gizmo was out of time, his family was devastated and there was no where else to turn.

So despite the fact that we have far exceeded our annual budget for our individual assistance program, we agreed to pay for Gizmo’s surgery, and an orthopedic surgeon will fix Gizmo’s broken leg tomorrow.




We are pleased to have been able to help Gizmo and reunite him with his family. It is always so heartwarming to see the lengths to which some people will go to help their pets.

For more information on our programs and ways you can become involved, visit our website

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