Giving a helping hand

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Earlier this week, we received an email from Melissa, in Chilliwack. She was going through a hard time, and wasn’t sure how she was going to be able to pay for food and for her two dogs and two cats. She had heard about our Roxy’s Relief program, and was hoping that we had services out in her community.

We do not have any formal partnerships in Chilliwack, but that didn’t stop us from stepping up. We put a call on our Facebook Page for help. We were looking for either someone who could pick up food and kitty litter from our South Burnaby storage site and deliver it to Chilliwack or for someone in Chilliwack to provide a personal donation of the food and litter needed. Within minutes, we received an email from Sandra offering to help. Sandra lives in Chilliwack and she met up with Melissa and purchased the brands that her pets are accustomed to.

20140522_132216 (2)

20140522_132451 (2)

20140522_132815 (2)

Today we received these wonderful photos of some very happy pets!

Thank you Sandra for stepping up so quickly, and giving a helping hand.

For more information on our Roxy’s Relief program and ways you can help, visit our website.

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