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Putting the Nettle to the Mettle for a Cruelty Free BC

We are proud to partner with Galiano Soap Works to promote a Cruelty Free BC, and please to share this company profile.

Galiano Island Soapworks
Galiano Island Soap Works evolved from the desire to produce natural, cruelty free soaps, skincare, pet and household products. Our goal is to provide a quality product using ingredients that are low impact to our environment. With the abundance of both wild-crafted and farm grown herbs and botanicals on our chemical free farm it was simply natural that we would grow and harvest many of our own ingredients. It was actually the common stinging nettle that grows prolifically on the island that got us excited. Each year there has been a Nettle Festival on the island where nettles are prepared and showcased in many different ways. We wanted to participate in the Festival so why not make soap? No one else was. Many bars of our soap to this day contain nettle.

As we researched and became more aware of the many benefits of nettle for skin care it was decided that we would create a whole line of skin care items with nettle and other hand-picked and hand-processed plant life like comfrey, lavender, rosemary, dock, chamomile, mint and blackberry leaves to mention a few. Growing all of our “fresh” ingredients on the farm we are confident of the quality, the handling and processing, and most of all that there are no pesticides.

Every member of our team is committed to animal welfare and the ethical treatment of animals whether they work in animal rescue or simply care for their own. Since every item in our product line is comprised of natural, chemical free plant life it seemed perfectly natural that we would create a company mandate to exclude any animal products/ingredients*, and especially ones we know cause suffering for animals, from our products. We take that mandate a step further by educating and advocating for animal welfare and an end to testing on animals via advertising, social media and supporting groups that echo our beliefs. We support cruelty free suppliers by sourcing our ingredients carefully and often having a personal connection with the supplier so that we are comfortable with our choices. We believe that animal testing is unnecessary and test only on our human friends – if there is an adverse reaction at least we know that it was willingly tested and not against the will of a furry friend. Animals have no voice to say no. We need to be that voice. We care deeply for our animal friends and the environment they live in. The bottom line: beauty should not cost the earth.

*with the exclusion of beeswax which we have personally selected from a cruelty free source

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