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Roxy’s Relief provides support to homeless, street-involved, low-income pet guardians through donations of food, bedding, jackets, and other items, and by offering free animal health clinics and vet care assistance.

Each week we get numerous requests from low income earners to help to pay for veterinary care for their pets. We are not able to meet the needs of every request for help, and the most difficult aspect of my job is turning away people who I know love their pets and whose pet is in discomfort and needs veterinary care.

A couple of months ago, we received a request for help for Frederick. Frederick’s mum Zia had no income, and because of recent financial difficulties had moved in with her elderly parents. She was worried Frederick had ear mites, and could not afford to take him to see a veterinarian. At this time, we were in the process of planning our fall free animal health clinic, and so I told her that we would be able to see Frederick at the clinic.

Zia contacted us again this week. As the weeks passed, Frederick’s pain increased, and he stayed hidden in a corner and would not eat. It was clear that Frederick needed to see a veterinarian before our September 21 Clinic, so we made arrangements for our partners at Yaletown Pet Hospital to see him.


As it turned out, Frederick had a very bad ear infection and was sent home with medication to treat the infection. Hours later, Zia reported that he was already showing signs of improvement.

20140711_152741 (1)

He is hiding less and acting a bit more normal. I can’t tell you how grateful Frederick and I are; Words cannot express our thanks.



Paws for Hope’s work is driven by generous donations, and our ability to help animals in need depends your support. Thank you for helping us ensure that pets across the province are cared for. Together we can build sustainable animal welfare, and provide the utmost care and protection for companion animals in BC.

For more information on our upcoming free Animal Health Clinic, visit our Events page

Kathy Powelson
Executive Director

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