Foster and Forever Homes Needed

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Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS) is a no-kill shelter in Richmond, BC. As a no-kill shelter, RAPS is committed to providing a second chance to all animals that are surrendered and/or abandoned. Operating a no-kill shelter requires resources and space that sometimes create additional burdens, particularly when the shelter experiences periods of low adoption rates, while continuing to manage high numbers of intake.

It is during these times, that RAPS relies on community members to step up and assist with these challenges by considering adopting or fostering a dog. If you are unable to do either, you can still support RAPS by passing this information on, volunteering your time during the week as a dog walker and/or donating funds.

Paws for Hope Animal Foundation supports a no-kill policy and has partnered with RAPS to help spread the word about all the amazing dogs just waiting for their forever home.

While all the dogs at the shelter deserve a loving home, there are a handful who have either been in the shelter for an extended period of time, are senior and/or have considerable anxiety and are not fairing well in a shelter environment. It is these dogs that we ask you first to look at and consider adopting and/or fostering.

Meet Beedle

Beedle is a wonderful 3 year old Doberman Lab cross who weighs in at about 95lbs who has been at RAPS for two years. This big boy has an amazing personality and loves nothing more than to please those around him. One of the volunteers has been working exclusively with Beedle and has been taken him home for sleepovers and he has improved tremendously. Beedle needs a fair amount of exercise; he loves to run and especially loves swimming. If he is given plenty of exercise that challenges him mentally and physically, you wont even know this guy is in your house. He loves nothing more to be around you and likes to know what you are doing (and if he can help!). If you let him, he loves to cuddle on the couch or sleep in bed with you under the covers.

Meet Hunter

Hunter is a 3-year-old Beagle that was surrendered by his owners. He is a great boy who loves his walks and playing in the yard. He should be placed in a home with children over 12 as he can be unpredictable with biting. He is your typical Beagle in the sense that he likes to pull and has a bit of a stubborn streak in him. Hunter would do best in a home where there would always be someone there since he has separation anxiety. He is a really sweet boy and would do well in a structured home.

Meet Nikki

Nikki is a 2 year old dog that is waiting for her forever home. Because Nikki has been at RAPS for over a year and has had little opportunity to socialize with other dogs, she will need guidance in learning how “to be a dog”. When given the opportunity, Nikki does display a temperament that is curious and willing to learn how to be around other dogs. In the 16 months that Nikki has been at RAPS, not one person has asked about her, but volunteer and staff who work with her love her, as despite her fun looks, she is a fun and loving girl. Although we don’t know much about her history, we do know that she is very wary of men and that she has scars all over her body. Her wariness of men has escalated to aggression in the past and therefore she is going to need a dog experienced home to help socialize and train her. She is ok with cats and other dogs – although she needs to learn some manners! Nikki is a beautiful dog with a big heart. She needs someone with time and energy to help her develop into the loving dog she wants to be.

Meet George

George is RAPS’ longest resident. He is an 11-year-old lab collie cross who was surrendered to us in late March of 2009. He was kept as an outdoor dog, and therefore didn’t have much human interaction. As you can imagine, he tries to get any attention he can now! George is good with most dogs, but he doesn’t understand the full concept of ‘play’. George is an intelligent dog who is eager to please. He learned the “sit” and down command quickly and easily, and perfected “stay” almost immediately after. His boundless energy makes him an excellent running partner. George will need an experienced home without cats. George loves nothing more than to be around people.

Meet Rose

Rose is a gentle 9-10 year Setter Shepherd (?) cross that was surrendered by her owner because he did not have enough time for her and her brother Max. Despite her age Rose absolutely loves to play in the yard. Rose is a little timid when you first meet her but boy is she a sweetheart! Rose does seem a little too interested in cats so she would do best in a home without small animals. Rose also would need to be introduced to other dogs very carefully as she has shown aggression to some of our other dogs and therefore would not be a good dog for an off-leash park.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering one of these dogs, please contact Kara at or call 604-275-2036 Of course, there are other amazing dogs currently waiting for their forever homes as well, so thank you for reading this, thank you for promoting adoption by passing this on and thank you for your support. This work is not possible without your support.

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