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Our Roxy’s Relief Program provides support to homeless, street-involved, low-income pet guardians through donations of food, bedding, jackets, and other items, and by offering free animal health clinics and vet care assistance. 20140822_160256 It is not uncommon for us to get requests for financial assistance after a family has exhausted the funds they could afford to get the medical help their pets needs, but their pet is still sick. This is what happened with Kitten Cat who had been treated last month for what they believed to be a bladder infection. However, just days after her antibiotics finished she began to get sick again.

Her family contacted us desperate to find out what was wrong with her, but being on a fixed income made it almost impossible for them to get her to a veterinarian right away.

We arranged for Kitten Cat to be seen at Yaletown Pet Hospital.
A series of tests have been taken to determine what is making her so sick, and we will continue to provide support to her family until we know she is better.


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