It is well understood animal rescue professionals are at great risk of suffering from compassion fatigue, but over the years we have come to witness what we believe is the impact of trauma on individuals involved in animal rescue and advocacy work.

Many of us are regularly exposed to the suffering of animals. Suffering, that is often caused by the hands of another person. We are frequently reminded that we are not able to save them all, and at times we feel like no one else cares. We feel our work is not valued and many of us cope by isolating ourselves further. We cannot continue on this way. This cannot be sustained.

We are excited to host this one day workshop with Vikki Reynolds to begin to move beyond trauma and isolation towards honouring our competence and wisdom and look at ways we can incorporate practices that will sustain us, while also identifying ways we can support one another.

Where and when:

Join us on Saturday, May 7 9am-430pm at Coquitlam Best Western where we will discuss:

  • What’s at the heart of your work?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • How we can honour your competence, experience and wisdom?
  • Identify practices that can sustain us
  • The difference between collective care vs individual care and how we can be together
  • How we can achieve balance?



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