Our Crazy About Cats Program aims to work with rescue organizations, municipal leaders, and community members to educate the public about the cat overpopulation crisis in B.C. and to find sustainable, humane solutions to the problem. And we are very excited to announce our first spay and neuter outreach in partnership with Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) and Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital.

This Sunday, 30 cats whose people are low income and live in Surrey will be rounded up by VOKRA volunteers and brought to Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital, where staff and doctors will volunteer their time to provide check ups and blood work to ensure they are all healthy enough to be spayed or neutered.

All 30 cats will then return to the hospital on November 2 to be spayed or neutered. VOKRA volunteers will pick up and return the cats and kittens to their homes.



You can look forward to pictures and videos of this important initiative. And in the meantime, we hope you will consider donating so we can continue to work with partners in Surrey, as well as other communities who are struggling to respond to a cat overpopulation crisis.

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