Individual Counselling Application

Counselling services provided by registered clinical psychologist, Laurel Horn.
Applicants can apply for individual counselling services ($90 hr) or group workshops ($150 hr):


1. Caring for the Caregivers: Part 1
Compassion Fatigue in Animal Rescue Work (2 hours)

We dedicate so much time and energy to care for animals in need, that we often forget to stop and look at how this work affects us and the toll that it can take. This interactive workshop is about learning to recognize signs of compassion fatigue and burnout, and exploring what you can do to recharge and find balance in this important, challenging work.


  • stories in the news and how rescue work can profoundly impact the rescuers
  • compassion fatigue in day to day rescue work
  • signs and symptoms to look out for- overview
  • what helps- self care ideas and finding balance in this work
  • what would an ideal shelter or rescue organization look like? If we want to minimize compassion fatigue, and really take care of the caregivers/rescuers, what might be different?

2. Caring for the Caregivers: Part 2
Me First! Going from great ideas to Taking Action. (2 hours)

This is the second part of the Compassion Fatigue workshop. We will have more time for discussion, small group activities, and will continue to build on concepts and ideas from the first 2 hours. Participants will look at self-care strategies they have tried, what obstacles stand in their way, and leave with a specific plan about what they can do to put themselves first. I believe that these questions are the cornerstones to effectively dealing with the stresses and multiple losses often faced in animal rescue. Goal: inspire a personal commitment to self care, and provide some tools and strategies to do this.

3. Grief and Loss in Animal Rescue (3 hours)**

Grief and loss are completely woven in to animal rescue work. Whether it is an animal who has died, one who has been deemed not adoptable, or even a favorite animal who is leaving to go to a good home- these are all losses that can really have a significant impact on the people who do this work.

Some of the topics that will be addressed in this important workshop are:

  • What is grief? Are there typical responses to loss?
  • What factors can actually complicate grief?
  • What is anticipatory grief?
  • Multiple losses and chronic sorrow
  • What might help? What is ‘healthy’ grieving?
  • What resources are available to you & your coworkers?
  • Ideas for making your shelter/organization more “human friendly”
  • What is the best way to support a coworker who is grieving?