Cabo gets a new smile

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Thanks to the generous support of our donors, the sponsorship of Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital and veterinarian and board member Dr. Shawn Llewellyn, veterinary health technician and board member Lisa Henderson and technicians Andrea Kosty-Anderson and Lori Desrosiers, Cabo got a new smile.

Cabo and his person came to see us last month at our Animal Health Clinic at Russell Housing in New Westminster. Dr. Shawn saw that Cabo had some pretty serious dental disease, and because dental health is so important to the over all health of an animal, we wanted to make sure that we could get Cabo the treatment he required.

On Sunday, April 7 Cabo and his person were picked up and taken to Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital where Dr. Shawn and his team were waiting. Cabo was in the best possible care. He had radiographs taken to make sure a swollen lymphnode wasn’t cause for greater concern, he had a four teeth removed, his remaining teeth cleaned and he was neutered. And three and half hours later, Cabo and his person were reunited and on their way home

Cabo on his way home. Thank you!

Cabo on his way home.
Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who made this happen! We hope to be able to help more animals in need and rely on your support to do so. Please consider donating to help us help more animals.

Cabo's rotten tooth

Cabo’s rotten tooth

Cabo's tooth removed

Cabo’s tooth removed

Cabo waking up with Andrea and Dr. Shawn

Cabo waking up with Andrea and Dr. Shawn

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