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There are many components involved in building sustainable animal welfare in our province. Each one of our programs aims to respond to the needs of such a diverse system. Roxy’s Relief helps to ensure vulnerable populations can care for and keep their pets. Not only does this honour the bond that we all know is so important to everyone who is blessed to have a pet in their life, but it also helps to reduce the number of animals that end up in our shelter system because their people are not able to care for them.

Dr. Shawn giving Bobbi his free exam and vaccinations

Dr. Shawn giving Bobbi his free exam and vaccinations

We first met Bobbi in August at our Animal Health Clinic. Shortly after, he began to experience limited mobility. We sent Bobbi to visit the good folks at the Vancouver BCSPCA hospital for an examination. As expected, Bobbi requires surgery to fix his medial luxating patella (or trick knee). With the patella dislocated (or luxated) medially, the knee cannot extend properly and stays bent. Given the severity of his particular condition, he is in significant pain, discomfort and has mobility impairment. The prognosis for this surgery, however, is is good, and he will get the surgery he needs.

Bobbi’s surgery will cost approximately $1,500. Please help us help Bobbi and other animals whose people need a helping hand.

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