Bobbi gets help from a caring community

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We first introduced you to Bobbi in November.


A few months after Bobbi visited Dr. Shawn at our free Summer Animal Health Clinic, he began to experience limited mobility and his person could tell that he was in a lot of pain. We were contacted by Sharon, an Outreach worker at Lookout Society to see if we could help. We sent Bobbi to visit the good folks at the Vancouver BCSPCA hospital for an examination. As expected, Bobbi required surgery to fix his medial luxating patella (or trick knee). With the patella dislocated (or luxated) medially, the knee cannot extend properly and stays bent. Given the severity of his particular condition, he is in significant pain, discomfort and has mobility impairment.

Bobbi’s person is on disability, and was not able to afford the costs of the surgery, and thanks to Leo & Frances Longo Fund For Charity to Animals we were able to pay for the entire surgery and follow up care.

We are pleased to report Bobbi had his surgery last week, and is healing well.

Bobbi’s new pain free life was made possible because of a caring community. Contact with Bobbi was first made possible when we partnered with Raincity Housing in the summer to provide a free clinic for pets whose people are homeless and/or low income. Because of our work to support vulnerable populations, when Bobbi began to experience pain and compromised mobility, our partners at Lookout Society looked to us for help. We then contacted the BC SPCA Hospital to see if Bobbi could take advantage of their subsidy program, and they went to work arranging appointments to examine Bobbi. While all of this was in the works, we were contacted by the Vancity Community Foundation and encouraged to apply to the Leo & Frances Longo Fund For Charity to Animals. A grant that would ultimately allow for us to pay for 100% of the costs of the surgery and to begin to plan for a Spring Summer Health Clinic in New Westminster (date to be announced).

Good things happen when we work together.

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