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Bailey’s person, Jolene, contacted us after she was rushed to emergency with crystals that were blocking her bladder.

Jolene works part time and is raising two children on her own, and recently had her rent increased $175 a month. So, while she was able to put some money down, she was not sure how she would be able to pay the remaining balance of the bill. Luckily Bailey did not require surgery, but did require an overnight stay and two catheters.

Thanks to a grant from the Leo & Frances Longo Fund For Charity to Animals we were very pleased to be able to cover the remaining balance. And are pleased that Bailey is back home, now on a special diet and will be back to see the doctor in 10 days to ensure the crystals are gone.

Bailey and her little girl

Bailey and her little girl

At Paws for Hope Animal Foundation, we understand the very special bond that families have with their pets, and feel privileged when we can be a part of what keeps them together. This grant has been instrumental in helping us help others,and our goal is to raise more money so we can continue to help families who do the best they have with what they have, and just need a little support to keep their pets healthy.

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A note from Jolene:

This has been amazing that my kids and I have received the help as my cat is still so young and full of life. Honestly, I was so lost without the help and some one so easy to talk with. I would love to help out in the future when I’m more stable on my feet. Please also feel free to let me know of any volunteer activities that me and my daughters could help with if we are needed! 😉 you are truly amazing!

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